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Our Signboards come in 3 main forms, that is Chromadek, Correx and Hard plastic, all weather resistant. They come in standard sizes, other sizes available on request. Chromadek signboards are wall or frame mounted. Sizes are 0.6mm thick 1225x1225mm, 1850x1225, 2450x1225, 290x290, 600x600, 600x400 and 290x290. The Correx boards are perfect for street advertising and where weight needs to be on the lower side. They come in 4 thicknesses that is 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 5mm and in 3 colours white, yellow and black. Sizes are 2500x1250mm, 800x600, 841x594, 600x400 and 600x450 and are thickness and colour dependent. They can come with eyelets for hanging. Plastic signboards are perfect where transparency forms part of the design.We also do contra vision display where you cannot see through the inside from outside from inside you can see the outside. Contra vision is great for shopfronts and vehicle rear windscreens.